Wickwar Quarry is a strategically located limestone quarry which serves the needs of a wide surrounding area of the west and parts of the Midlands. Set in attractive countryside to the north east of Bristol, the site was once known as Churchwood Quarry. The operation has, over its 90-plus years, contributed to homes, schools, hospitals roads and a host of other needs throughout the region.

It has also provided much needed rural jobs for several generations of local people and currently employs around 60 people. The quarry became part of CEMEX in 2005 when the company first invested in the UK by acquiring RMC.

In addition to the extraction of aggregates, the plant also has a coating plant which supplies asphalt for road building and resurfacing projects.

In 2009, the company received planning permission from South Gloucestershire Council for a northern extension to its quarry in order to respond to both local and regional demand for crushed rock and for the asphalt made from it. That project is reported more fully here.

In 2012, we extended the planning permission for our asphalt plant from two years to five years. We also secured the go-ahead from South Gloucestershire Council to retain the existing readymix and block-making plant, and to create a temporary recycling facility. Read more about this story here.

Noise has been another important issue for the site following complaints from the neighbouring community. The company has invested a total of £167,000 and a significant improvement has been achieved. More detail on that project is available here.

Contact Information

To make a comment or for further information please contact Mark Kelly at planninggb@cemex.com.

Wickwar Archive


Quarry plans

NEW - December 2013: We have announced plans for a small extension to our existing quarry at Wickwar. The proposed new area complements the northern extension which received permission in 2009. > more

All our yesterdays

NEW - February 2014: Quarrying has a long and proud history at Wickwar which stretches back more than 90 years. We don't yet know the whole story of a site which CEMEX took over in 2005 and would welcome hearing more from local people. > more

The day a meteor showered Wickwar

NEW - Posted February 2014:Wickwar holds a special fascination for geologists following the discovery of mysterious green rock at Churchwood Quarry. > more

Top safety award for Wickwar

Posted November 2012: Wickwar was amongst the top award winners at the Mineral Products Association's annual Health & Safety Awards at BAFTA in London. > more

Operating hours

March 2011: South Gloucestershire Council has granted planning permission for an extension to the operating hours for our asphalt plant. We explain why it’s necessary. > more

Community liaison

Updated December 2013: Liaison between CEMEX UK and the local community at Wickwar is led by a local liaison committee. > more

Can we help?

Updated December 2013: We like to do what we can to support communities in the areas where we operate. Around Wickwar Quarry, that has included hands-on assistance as well as donations to worthy causes.> more