Consulting on our plans

This site is part of our programme for keeping local people informed about our plans for the redevelopment of our headquarters site at Thorpe in Surrey and to provide you with an opportunity to comment.



Our plans for CEMEX House

Our international headquarters site at Thorpe was originally developed by the RMC Group in the late 1980s and was acquired and renamed CEMEX House in 2005.

The site comprises the Grade II listed Eastley End House and Meadlake House, The Grange and Annexe, all connected to each other by a more modern extension. We no longer has need of a facility of this type or scale, with much of the office space now either underused or empty. We therefore wish to vacate the site and move to modern office accommodation of a more suitable size for our current operation.

We have reviewed the options for CEMEX House site and discussed them with Runnymede Borough Council. We now wish to consult local residents and other interested parties on our proposals in advance of submitting a planning application to the council.

We held an exhibition of our proposals on 27 and 28 September 2013 and are repeating that information here for the benefit of anyone who could not attend. This website also provides a means through which you can comment and ask further questions.

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You can view our exhibition panels here (3Mb PDF)

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