Restoration through landfill

We have restored a further area of our Southam quarry using inert fill material brought from a former quarry in Rugby.

Restoration through landfill

Aerial view of CEMEX's Southam site

Creation of a new nature reserve at a former quarry in Rugby has been instrumental in completing the final restoration of the third of four engineered landfill cells at the old Southam quarry.

In order to transform the former Parkfield Road quarry in Rugby into a nature reserve, CEMEX needed to remove some 178,000 cubic metres of inert fill. Transferring it to Southam in turn presented an opportunity for restoration there.

It represents the completion of three of the four cells at Southam within what is still a
working quarry. With the final permitted levels achieved, a membrane has been installed and then covered with a thick layer of clay and soil before being seeded with grasses and wild flowers and planted with shrubs.

The new habitat is one that will attract a legion of wildlife and will be particularly attractive to butterflies like the Small Blue which has already successfully established itself under a project run in conjunction with Butterfly Conservation. Read more here.

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