Quarry development

We need to extend out Southam quarry in orer to ensure an adequate supply of high quality raw materials. This page explains the details.



Quarry development

In April 2010, we began consulting the local community about our need to further extend Southam Quarry in order to ensure an adequate reserve of high quality raw materials for cement making at our Rugby plant.

The plans involve land know as Spiers Farm which was included in quarry extension plans submitted in 2004 when we sought approval for extraction of 18 million tonnes of limestone and clay over four phases covering 30 years.

After discussions with local parties and Warwickshire County Council, the scheme was revised to remove the fourth phase and the majority of the originally defined phase 3. As a result, the surface area was reduced by a total of 16 hectares and the reserve was cut to 11.3 million tonnes with a working life estimated at 18 years on an assumed annual output of 600,000 tonnes.

Since then, phase 1 has been substantially completed and extraction began in phase 2 in May 2009. The problem we now face is that, given the need to blend raw material from different parts of the quarry in order to achieve the correct chemical composition, we are left with available tonnage that will last just over four years. The purpose of the present proposals is, therefore, to secure access to additional high quality reserves adjoining phase 2.  

We have re-visited the original environmental impact assessment in relation to the phases 3 and 4 and devised a development scheme that balances the need for the reserves against previous local concerns. This would produce a useable reserve of just over six million tonnes and give a working life of about ten years based on output of 600,000 tonnes a year.

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Quarrying phases - click on image to enlarge

Current working area Phase 3 operational
Sample map Southam quarry development phase 2
Phase 3 extraction Phase 3 restoration
Southam quarry development phase 3 Southam quarry development phase 4
Restoration concept  
Southam quarry development phase 5

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