Playing a key role

The South Ferriby cement plant consistently overcomes its age to play a key role in helping to satisfy the UK's need for an essential construction material.


A big lift

SOUTH Ferriby’s cement plant is flying high on several fronts. Fresh from an engineering triumph to install a new £2 million grinding mill shell (pictured above).

The latest achievements are part of a remarkable overall picture for the 75-year-old North Lincolnshire plant which consistently overcomes its age to play a key role in helping to satisfy the UK’s need for an essential construction material.

Installation of a new 200-tonne shell for cement mill 3 was a spectacular event, and the enormous 6,000 tonne crawler crane used to complete the lift could be seen some distance away. A cement mill is the equipment used to grind the hard, nodular clinker from the cement kiln into the fine grey powder that is cement.

The outgoing shell had done no less than 45 years service but had now reached the end of its useful life and was starting to suffer from cracks. The new shell was built in Denmark by specialist engineers and shipped overland from Harwich.

“It was quite a challenge,” says Engineering & Maintenance Manager Nigel Appleyard. “Beyond all else, we had to maintain production to meet the needs of our customers. The project presented a number of challenges, as we needed to replace the shell with the ancillary equipment still in-situ whilst keeping our other cement mill in full operation.

“We were also reliant on the weather because we could not undertake the crane work if it was windy. However, a committed team ensured the job was done safely, on-budget and on-time.”

The plant’s success over recent years has been built on its capacity to introduce alternative fuels. Progress in 2012 was all the more difficult following the switch over from kiln 3 (now resting) to the newly refurbished kiln 2. But by the end of 2012, kiln 2 achieved over 70% use of alternative fuels – an increase of 36% compared
to its previous best in 2008.


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