Rugby’s relationship with cement-making dates from the early 1700s when Warwickshire’s special geological mix of limestone and clay made the area one of the main lime production centres of the UK. For more detail, download our history brochure.

The current plant cost £200 million to build in the late 1990s. Now, as one of the most modern cement factories in the world and with one of the largest kilns in the UK, it has an annual production capacity of some 1.8 million tonnes. For more detail on how cement is made at Rugby download our works brochure.

While coal still has a role to play, the Rugby plant is increasingly using more sustainable and cost-effective alternative fuels that have resulted in a reduction in our main emissions. The key alternative fuels at Rugby are chipped tyres and Climafuel, a solid recovered fuel made from household waste. For more detail visit our fuels page.

As a supplier of a vital construction material, the plant plays a crucial role in everyday life from DIY projects and housing to major motorways and hospitals. Projects we have supplied include the new Wembley Stadium, the M25 and Terminal 5 at Heathrow.

The plant has been an important part of the community in Rugby and surrounding villages for many years. In that time, it has provided jobs for thousands of local people and supported many more jobs indirectly. The company’s annual contribution to the local economy through wages, rates and the buying of services adds up to some £25 million.


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CEMEX Lend-a-Hand at Brooke School, Rugby – ‘Creating Magic Moments’

17 members of the CEMEX Cement management team spent a highly productive day ‘lending a hand’ at the Brooke School in Rugby in early June. The company’s Lend-a-Hand scheme provides the opportunity for groups of employees to tackle a community project or task and in this case the cement team really came up trumps.

Brooke School is a broad spectrum special school for children and young adults from 2 to 19 years old. It caters for a range of individual needs amongst its students such as autism as well for those experiencing issues in respect of their physical, sensory, emotional and communication capabilities; the school has a staff to pupil ratio of almost 1 to 1.

As part of the its approach to meeting the needs of its students and helping them to develop, the school has a small farm and forest area to teach outdoor skills and to promote engagement with the natural world and it is in these areas that the CEMEX team set to work.

During the day, the team achieved an impressive array of tasks that included:-

  • Laying 15m3 of wood chips on the pathways
  • Painting the pavilion
  • Constructing a wooden floor in the shelter
  • Installing benches, lights and a wheelchair ramp in the play shed
  • Installing four log tables and 20 log seats
  • Constructing a ‘bug hotel’ and hedgehog hibernation box
  • Installing a cooking rack for the open fire

According to the Head Teacher, this wasn’t just a day’s work for the team, they were ‘creating magic moments.’

Liz, the Forest School Leader, added ‘it was an incredible and enjoyable day and the work that was done has enhanced Forest School immensely.’

There is little doubt that the CEMEX team not only achieved a huge amount on the day, they found the whole event incredibly rewarding. A senior teacher captured the mood when she said ‘I went out to Forest School and the work you have done is just stunning so thank you. I was really impressed with the organization, focus, energy and motivation of your team members.’

Sometimes it’s the little things that sum up the success of an event like this and when one wheelchair user noted ‘I don’t get stuck in the mud anymore,’ it said it all for the team.

CEMEX Lend-a-Hand at the Bradby Club

As part of CEMEX's employee volunteering scheme, 'Lend-a-Hand, the company's top management team including UK President Jesus Gonzalez, spent a day redecorating at the Bradby Club in the centre of Rugby. CEMEX, principally through the Rugby Group Benevolent Fund has a long association with this organisation. The Club has been in existence for around 100 years and also has close a association with Rugby School who helped establish it. Its aims are to support disadvantaged young people in Rugby through providing a meeting place but more importantly to help with social and health problems. For example, the Benevolent Fund has provided £25,000 per annum for the last three years to fund the costs of a Substance Abuse Adviser; this person also operates outreach on this issue with local schools.




Pride of Rugby 2016

On Friday 6th May 2016, Rugby will come together at Coombe Abbey Hotel to celebrate the best achievements in business and the community on one truly glittering night - the fourth annual Pride of Rugby Awards supported by CEMEX.

In the presence of the who's who of Rugby, we will be awarding our prestigious star awards to the best businesses, individuals and organisations 'round here.

The 2016 Pride of Rugby Awards, for the third year will combine the annual Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action (CAVA) and Rugby Borough Council Volunteer Awards.  These accolades celebrate those wonderful things that happen in our community: things that we're determined will not go unnoticed.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Rugby Community Matters 2015

Rugby Welcomes New Plant Director

This March saw a new Plant Director join the team at Rugby cement plant.  Phil Baynes-Clarke joins us from CEMEX’s cement plant in South Ferriby. 

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CEMEX sponsor the pride of Rugby awards

CEMEX are pleased to announce that they are the principal sponsors of the pride of Rugby Awards 2015.

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Planned Plant Shutdown

The team at Rugby Cement Plant are currently in the process of making the final preparations for the kilns major maintenance overhaul which will begin on Monday 1st June and is set to last one month. 

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This year has seen CEMEX support for many local causes either financially or with man power.  

Red nose day fun  

The team at the Rugby Office are particularly enthusiastic when it comes to fundraising and having fun in the process.

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Hamplified 2015 


Hamplified is a music, comedy and rugby charity event which was founded by two Rugby office staff Mark Brightwell and Robert Low.

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Lend a hand volunteering scheme


CEMEX UK runs a lend a hand scheme whereby every UK employee is entitled to take one day’s extra paid leave to volunteer on a community project.  Often teams go together to help out.  Here are some examples of lend a hands that have been done around Rugby. 

Top of the class!  


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Wombles of New Bilton.....


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Michaela Strachen helps launch new conservation book 


The latest CEMEX conservation book – the IUCN Red List: 50 years of conservation – was recently given a VIP launch by Michaela Strachen. 

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Best Materials Supplier 2014


CEMEX were proud to be awarded the Best Materials Supplier of the Year award at the annual Construction News awards.

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Rugby Cement Plant most improved H&S award


Congratulations to the team at Rugby Cement who won CEMEX’s global H&S award for most improved performance.

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CEMEX spons


Fuel plant progress
June 2014: Work is now well underway at Malpass Farm, Rugby on the construction of the £18 million production facility that will provide our neighbouring cement plant with a sustainable source of waste-derived fuel.


 Top of the world

 June 2014: CEMEX's UK operations have been recognised as the best performers in the company's 2014 Global Health and Safety Awards.


Business challenge
June 2014: With many businesses starting to feel more confident about the economy, those in Rugby have been invited to celebrate their successes by entering the CEMEX-sponsored Rugby Business Excellence Awards.


In the pink
June 2014: Big pink trucks are now in evidence on the roads around Rugby as bulk haulier Robinsons of Worcester applies its distinctive vehicles to moving clay between CEMEX’s quarry at Southam and the cement works in Lawford Road.


Help for Hope4
June 2014: Employees from CEMEX House in Rugby piled in to do their bit for the local charity Hope4 which provides support for the homeless and those sleeping rough in the area.


Versatile cement
June 2014: If you think of cement as a single product, thing again because CEMEX has a whole range of innovative products developed in and around its Rugby cement plant.


Not our dust
April 2014 Dust deposited in and around Rugby over recent days does not come from the cement works. Met Office experts blame the problems on unusual weather conditions which have seen dust from the Sahara being deposited over wide areas of the UK. This, coupled with environmental pollution from Europe and high levels of pollen in the air, has seen cars, windows and other surfaces liberally sprinkled with dust.


Environmental permit sought for fuel plant

February 2014: Following gaining permission for variations to the new Climafuel Plant on Malpass Farm, SITA is in the process of applying for an Environmental Permit for the plant. This newsletter from the Environment Agency explains the process and the consultation deadlines.

New approach on community liaison

December 2013:  In 2014, we will be launching a new approach to community liaison which will include a neighbourhood forum for those living closest to the plant and a re-constituted Community Cement Engagement Group for wider issues. > more

Fuel plant buildings approved

December 2013:  Warwickshire County Council has approved amended plans for the buildings which will make up the  Climafuel manufacturing plant close to the Rugby cement plant. Work will start in earnest during 2014.> more

All set for shutdown

December 2013:  Rugby cement plant's annual shutdown is scheduled to l get underway in January and is expected to last for approaching four weeks.. During this time, production ceases and the focus of staff and dozens of contractors is on major maintenance projects..> more

Recognition for nature reserve

December 2013: The new Parkfield Road Nature Reserve in Rugby has been commended for innovation in a nationwide industry award scheme. We created the reserve in 2012 following removal of 263,000 tonnes of fill from the 1980s and 1990s.> more

Top safety honour

December 2013:  We have won the mineral products industry’s top health and safety award for the “outstanding excellence” of our drive towards the ultimate goal of zero incidents.> more

Support for the needy

December 2013: With Christmas approaching, we are providing a variety of support for projects in and around Rugby designed to help people who face challenges. Both the CEMEX Foundation and the Rugby Group Benevolent Fund have made donations to local causes.> more

New ideas for fuel plant

June 2013:  Work is planned to start this summer on a new facility at Malpass Farm, Rugby that will transform household and business waste into a green fuel for cement manufacture. The £18 million waste processing facility is, however, likely to be significantly smaller than was originally planned.> more

Liaison: new way forward
June 2013:  Although Rugby’s Community Cement Engagement Group (CCEG) was suspended following an independent review which has concluded that it is not achieving its objectives, a new way forward has now been agreed.> more

Making sense of sound
June 2013: CEMEX UK is employing latest technology in its bid to ensure that the plant does everything it can to reduce its impact on its immediate neighbours.> more

Path closed
June 2013: Appalling weather through the winter months has forced CEMEX UK to seek closure of the footpath that skirts its former Parkfield Road quarry in Rugby which has become a nature reserve over recent months.> more

All a flutter
June 2013: Management of seven CEMEX UK sites around Rugby has resulted in increased numbers of one or more nationally rare butterfly species.> more

Can we help?
May 2012: The Rugby area has featured strongly amongst more than £2.25m worth of community donations from CEMEX-related sources over recent years. Recent projects include... > more