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We chose Robinsons of Worcester as the contractor to transport clay from our quarry at Southam to Rugby for cement manufacture. To win the contract they had to show high levels of business ethics.

Posted June 2014

In the pink

Big pink trucks are now in evidence on the roads around Rugby as bulk haulier Robinsons of Worcester applies its distinctive vehicles to moving clay between CEMEX's quarry at Southam and the cement works in Lawford Road, Rugby.

The company won the three-year contract last autumn and now has a fleet of 12 new Scania tractor units and lightweight aluminium trailers making the 11-mile journey up to seven times a day. In a typical year they will transport around half a million tonnes of the clay raw material.

Grant McMillan, CEMEX UK’s Inbound Process Director, says: “We chose Robinsons of Worcester because with each meeting we grew more impressed with their approach, and with the strong level of commitment they demonstrated.

“Here, we felt, was a company which could not only fulfill our requirements in terms of tonnages, but which also shared our business ethics in terms of its approach to managing drivers and health and safety issues that we could work and get on well with.”

Robinsons of Worcester was established more than 70 years ago as a livestock and dairy farming business. Its bright pink trucks – the colour scheme was first used in 2009 after being chosen by Managing Director Edward Robinson’s daughter Isabelle, then aged two – are among the most distinctive on the road.

Says Mr Robinson: “The CEMEX business has taken our fleet size from 21 to 33 trucks, so it’s a massive step forward for us. We’re a little company who have just taken a step up the ladder and are very much looking forward to proving we’re capable of meeting the challenge ahead.”

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