Fuels plants progress

We will have two plants producing our waste derived fuel, both operated by our joint venture partner SITA. One of them will be close to the cement works at Malpass Farm, Rugby.

New ideas for fuel plant

WORK is planned to start this summer on a new facility at Malpass Farm, Rugby that will transform household and business waste into a green fuel for cement manufacture. The £18 million waste processing facility is, however, likely to be significantly smaller than was originally planned.

Although planning permission was granted in 2010, waste management specialist SITA UK, which will build and run the plant under a 25-year contract with CEMEX, now wants to scale down the original plans. Local drop-in sessions have already taken place to explain the revised proposals to the local community and an application to vary the existing permission will soon be submitted to Warwickshire County Council.

The development at Malpass Farm, which adjoins the Lawford Road cement works, will create around 100 jobs during construction and 25 permanent jobs once the facility opens at the end of 2014.

Each year it will process around 220,000 tonnes of waste, which would otherwise go to landfill, taking out recyclable material and turning what’s left into Climafuel for CEMEX and a lower-grade fuel for other industries.

The waste will hopefully come from homes and businesses in and around Warwickshire, as well as some household waste from Northamptonshire.

Climafuel is an alternative fuel which has been used successfully at Rugby since 2007. In total, CEMEX UK uses some 190,000 tonnes of fuel a year for Rugby’s kiln and already has permission from the Environment Agency for 65% of that to be Climafuel.

The aim now is to increase that to 80% as the plant further reduces its call on finite fossil fuels. The other major benefit from the plant is that it will greatly reduce the volume of waste needing to go to landfill and so create a much more sustainable future.

SITA UK’s Strategic Planning Manager, Corrina Scott-Roy, explains: “Essentially, the facility we want to build is the same as the one that already has planning permission, but because of advances in technology we’ll be processing the waste in a slightly different way and won’t need such big buildings.

“We want to reduce the height and size of the eastern process building and at the same time improve the site layout to make sure we can get lorries in and out more efficiently. The western process building would remain the same, but there are no plans to build that one yet, as initially it won’t be needed.”

She added: “We think the revised plan is an improvement but as we have a commitment to supply Climafuel we can, if necessary, revert to the existing permission.”

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