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A neighbourhood forum for those living close to the plant is amongst the ideas that are being pursued as we maintain our drive to keep our neighbours informed and seek their views.



New approach on community liaison

In 2014, we will be launching a new approach to community liaison which will include a neighbourhood forum for those living closest to the plant and a reconstituted Community Cement Engagement Group for wider issues. Our drive to inform and engage our neighbours will also include special exhibitions, drop-in sessions as necessary and enhanced use of this community newsletter.

The Community Cement Engagement Group (CCEG) is the body that brings together the company, community groups, councillors and representatives of Warwickshire County Council, Rugby Borough Council and the Environment Agency to discuss the activities and issues associated with the cement plant. Although a new format for the group was agreed in 2010, its operation once again became dysfunctional with little progress being made. As a result, it agreed to suspend its meetings last April.

Recognising that communicating and engaging with the people of Rugby is important for one of the town’s largest and longest established companies, CEMEX has worked hard to make the various liaison groups effective.

At the point when the latest group suspended its activities, the company nonetheless committed to continue seeking effective engagement and a way forward was agreed following two meetings in September. The plans include a neighbourhood forum where those living closest to the plant can meet with the company on a regular basis to discuss any very local issues that might be affecting them.

A reconstituted CCEG will endeavour to involve more community groups in the town and will probably meet three or four times a year. As a further aspect of a renewed effort to inform and engage, special exhibitions, drop-in sessions and meetings will be held if any major issues or developments arise. The company will also use this, its communities website, more actively to help provide information and encourage feedback.

“In 2014, I hope to see a revitalised and multi-faceted approach to take forward our genuine desire to work with the community in Rugby says CEMEX’s UK Community Affairs Manager, Ian Southcott. “I think this new format has a great chance of achieving those aims.”

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