We have been working closely with Butterfly Conservation to create the habitats that will attract butterflies to our various sites in and around Rugby.

All a flutter


Management of seven CEMEX UK sites around Rugby has resulted in increased numbers of one or more nationally rare butterfly species.

The work, undertaken in partnership with Butterfly Conservation, has achieved success despite overall butterfly abundance being at an all-time low.

Green Hairstreaks which nationally have declined by 68%, are now found at four of the CEMEX sites, with biodiversity priority species such as the Small Blue and Grizzled Skipper also increasing. Management of the land around the sites through landscape-scale conservation now provides better butterfly habitat.

An outstanding example of landscape-scale conservation is the ‘butterfly amphitheatre’ created at the cement works (above). There, as at the other sites, the aim is to connect more areas of suitable habitat, preventing species from becoming “marooned” in one area with limited food sources and the possibility of inbreeding.

Warwickshire Butterfly Conservation Officer, Mike Slater comments: “Last year was disastrously wet for butterflies and it dented the good conservation progress made in recent years. However, with the provision of better quality habitat on a landscape scale such as on these CEMEX sites, recovery can take place.”

The conservation work is continuing with activities such as the seeding of birdsfoot trefoil, kidney vetch and creeping cinquefoil – much to the delight of the butterfly population in Warwickshire.

CEMEX has also been working with the RSPB for some time to enrich nature and increase the biodiversity of the company’s operations.

In 2010, CEMEX launched its biodiversity strategy with a commitment to the creation and maintenance of 1,000 hectares of priority habitats by 2020. This is the equivalent to approximately 100 hectares per annum and represents a major investment in protecting and promoting nature and wildlife for future generations to enjoy.


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