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We have announced plans for a small extension to our quarry. This would complement the major northern extension which was granted planning permission in 2009.



Posted December 2013

Small quarry extension proposed

CEMEX has announced plans for a small extension to the existing quarry at Wickwar.

The proposals involve land known as "The Sliver" and would yield about 1.8 million tonnes, which is equivalent to 2.5 years of production at present rates of output. They were outlined to members of Wickwar and Charfield parish councils at a meeting in November and will now be submitted to South Gloucestershire Council for consideration.

Plans to quarry this area follow the decision by the company to give up its right to quarry a larger area on the southern boundary of the site. The company has also responded to requests to preserve trees and hedgerows on the edge of the "Sliver" which lies on the edge of the northern quarry extension which was granted permission in 2009.

The 2009 extension was granted to enable CEMEX to respond to local and regional demand for stone and asphalt for road construction and maintenance. The area permitted then lies within “preferred area” for limestone extraction identified in the South Gloucestershire Minerals Plan.

In order to mitigate the effects of quarry development, extensive areas had already been planted with trees and shrubs, particularly to the east of the new area.

Various section 106 legal agreement were attached to the 2009 permission including:

  • A 'designated route' (excepting local deliveries) for heavy goods vehicles entering and leaving the plant area on the western side of the B4509 road. The route comprises the sections of the B4508 and B4509 roads between the quarry and Junction 14 of the M5 motorway.
  • An undertaking from CEMEX to give up rights to develop land to the south of the existing quarry on the eastern side of the B4509 (towards Wickwar village).
  • The funding and implementation of highway improvements at the Tafarn Bach junction, comprising a new mini-roundabout with street lighting and active carriageway drainage. These have been completed and are generally accepted as very successful.
  • CEMEX provided £60,000 to South Gloucestershire for the now completed creation of a new section of footway alongside the B4509 in Tortworth village and improvement of signage, both at the Hammerley Down (B4508/B4509) junction and on the B4509 to the north of Wickwar village.
  • CEMEX contributed to the maintenance of the designated route for incoming and outgoing trucks.

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To make a comment or for further information please contact Mark Kelly at planninggb@cemex.com.

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