Planned Plant Shutdown

The team at Rugby Cement Plant are currently in the process of making the final preparations for the kilns major maintenance overhaul which will commence on Monday 1st June and is set to last one month.

The kiln line has run for an extended period as the site moves from the usual 12 month kiln campaigns to campaigns lasting 18 months. During the overhaul, a team of around 500 specialist contractors will boost the numbers of the regular site personnel to undertake essential maintenance on the plant.

The critical path of the shutdown will revolve around the replacement of a 10.45m section of the kiln shell, whist other major projects will include the refurbishment of the flash drier, clinker cooler and critical maintenance within the pre-heater tower. However before any of the work can commence, the process requires a cool down period, followed by the installation of safety structures and measures prior to the commencement of around the clock cleaning and refurbishment activities. Safety at the plant during the busy period ahead remains the number one priority.

Whilst the kiln line undergoes its maintenance programme, it will remain business as usual for the Cement Mills and Packing Plant as they continue to supply finished product to customers from the stockpile of cement / clinker at Rugby, whilst being supported by CEMEX's South Ferriby Cement Plant and Tilbury Grinding Mill.

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