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Welcome to the community website for our operation at Pentre Halkyn in Flintshire. Our aim is to use the site to keep local people informed about our local quarry and about any issues that may be of interest to them. We will welcome your feedback.

Modern face of an old industry

Halkyn Mountain's rich mineral deposits have been quarried since the Romans first capitalised on its lead. While the last of many lead mines closed in the 1970s, Halkyn’s high quality limestone remains a vital contributor to the construction industry and, through it, to the economy and way of life of all who live in the region.


The quarry now operated by CEMEX UK is the modern face of an aggregates site that has been worked since the 1950s and which has seen the benefit of substantial new investment in recent years.  Some £14 million was spent on a new state-of-the-art processing plant which has secured the future of the site and of the 30 direct jobs and substantial indirect employment that it provides.

Construction of the new plant released 32 million tonnes of previously inaccessible reserves. The quarry currently produces some 800,000 tonnes of limestone each year and around 60,000 tonnes of asphalt for road building. Its products are used all over North Wales as well as in the north west of England. Homes, schools, hospitals and all other elements of the built environment benefit from the quarry’s production.


The money spent on the new plant has included highly effective noise and dust suppression equipment.  The company has also upgraded its wheel-washing facilities as part of a programme designed to reduce the impact of lorries on its neighbours in the village of Pentre Halkyn.  The company’s wider commitment has been recognised with the achievement of the internationally recognised ISO 14001 environmental management standard by the site.


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At the public display of proposals for the future operation of the quarry at the Community Centre on December 2nd 2015, the issues of  restoration, relocation of the storage area and output levels were presented and can be seen on the display panels here. 

Future Operations

December 1st: a public display of proposals for the future operation of the quarry shows how Halkyn Quarry will be able to continue to supply materials to the local construction industry and maintain employment. 

Details on these proposals will be available on this site shortly. They include establishing a masterplan for the restoration of the quarry, reviewing the output limit to meet local need and enabling access to permitted limestone reserves that currently lie beneath the product stocking area. 


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