Lorry Traffic

Lorries are an essential part of our business, supplying essential construction materials over a wide area. We are intent on doing all that we can to minimise the effects on the local community.

Action plan to reduce impact

We recognise that the lorry traffic generated by our operations has an impact on the community of Pentre Halkyn. We have, therefore, instigated an action plan to assess and, where possible, reduce the effects. The initiative has the backing of local MP David Hanson.

We undertook a series of random checks on our vehicles passing through the village during December 2012 to ensure that driver behaviour was of the high standards we expect. Speed, driver courtesy and unnecessary use of horns were all under scrutiny. Our promise is that any breaches of our “code” will be dealt with internally. These checks applied also to hauliers whose lorries visit the site to collect materials.

In tandem with the checks, we are increasing the frequency and emphasis of our driver awareness programme with a view to reducing any unacceptable behaviour.  We are also undertaking “dawn raids” to discourage external drivers from arriving at the quarry before our approved starting time of 6am.  

Lorry routing is a key factor and we have explored whether it might be feasible to arrange a change in priorities on the junction at the top of Springfield Hill. Our conclusion is that such a change would only be possible through compulsory purchase of adjoining land. We will raise that issue with Flintshire County Council and report back to the community liaison committee and via this website.

If you witness any driver behaviour that you regard as unacceptable please contact us via this website with the registration number of the vehicle concerned and the date and time.

Contact Information

To make a comment or for further information please contact us at planninggb@cemex.com.

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