Wildlife that will benefit from the project range from bats to barn owls plus amphibians, wading birds, geese, and water voles.




l record and has already restored more than 150 acres of quarried land to agriculture. It has also created a variety of habitats for wildlife such as badgers, roe deer, bats and a wide variety of birds

With just six years of reserves remaining, we need to achieve permission for an extension if Hyndford Quarry is to continue its important role in Scotland's economy. After several years of local consultation, a planning application was submitted to South Lanarkshire Council in November 2012 for an extension into areas to the south and west of the existing site. It would increase our permitted reserves from five to ten million tonnes and mean that the quarry could operate until 2032 instead of 2027.

The Bonnington Parkland landscape has existed since the 16th century but is now degraded with the loss of much of its original character. The proposed development offers an opportunity to make a sustainable  intervention and introduce a new long-term management strategy.

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