CEMEX Readymix, Kings Cross Plant

The ready-mixed concrete plant on Rufford Road, Kings Cross has been an important source of construction materials for the creation, improvement and maintenance of the built environment in this part of London for over 50 years.

In common with any production facility, it requires occasional and sometimes major maintenance itself for operational and efficiency reasons and commencing Monday, February 1st, we will be embarking on an improvement programme for up to three weeks during which time the plant will be closed.

The programme of work involves erecting a scaffold tent over the ramp and then carrying out grit blasting and cutting out of the joints and repairing them. This will be followed by coating the ramp with three layers of a waterproofing agent which will then need to cure. We will also be taking the opportunity to carry out additional maintenance work during this time.

The tent will help to reduce any noise and dust but inevitably some of the procedures and equipment will be noisy. No potentially noisy work will be carried out before 08.30 and after 18.00 and we will, of course, do our best to keep any disruption to a minimum.

The team working on site will consist of five men and the project is scheduled to last for a maximum of three weeks.

Naturally we wish to try and be as good a neighbour as possible and over recent years we have done our best to reduce the impact of our operations.

If you would like more information or would like to advise us of any issues that arise during the project, please email me at ian.southcott@cemex.com 


Contact Information

To make a comment or for further information please contact us at planninggb@cemex.com.


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