CEMEX UK is proposing to extract sand and gravel from a site beside the M4 at Datchet. We will welcome community comment on the proposals outlined here



Proposed Mineral Extraction at Riding Court Farm


Aerial photo

The continued supply of construction materials is vital to the growth and recovery of the economy. To maintain this supply in and around London, CEMEX is proposing to extract sand and gravel from Riding Court Farm, Datchet. Situated adjacent to the M4, the site is an identified source of materials for the construction industry. Our proposals involve extraction of minerals over a period of six years, with restoration then taking a further six years to complete.

The site

Location plan

The site has been identified for extraction in the adopted Berkshire Minerals Plan since 2001, subject to planning permission being granted. It is a source of good quality construction materials. The site is currently in agricultural use. It extends to a total of about 41 hectares (101 acres), of which the proposed extraction area amounts to 36 hectares (86 acres). While it lies within parish of Datchet, it is on the opposite side of the motorway from the village itself and is adjacent to areas of Slough.

Extraction would take about six years in total. Modern techniques mean that that only a small area of the site would be worked at any one time with progressive restoration following closely behind. On this basis, the site would then be fully restored about 12 years after work started. This working pattern has also been planned to ensure that any environmental impact would be minimised and restoration of the site achieved as quickly as possible.

Environmental impacts
The site is already well screened with mature trees and hedgerows and additional bunds would be constructed to ensure that visual impact would be minimised. Sand and gravel extraction is a relatively low-key activity and would be carried out by an excavator, with the material being carried to the processing plant by conveyor.

Extraction would take place within the water table and no dewatering would need to take place. This would further reduce any impacts, in particular minimising any dust emissions. Other potential impacts such as noise and traffic have been assessed and any required mitigation measures incorporated into the working plan.


Restoration plan

Restoration would be partially to agriculture, with original ground levels being achieved using imported inert fill material. The eastern part of the site would include two attractive water areas which would also help to improve the biodiversity potential of the site and enhance its aesthetic appearance. Considerable landscape planting has already been undertaken and is now well established and providing significant screening. Additional planting would be undertaken as part of the proposed restoration scheme.

Operating hours/traffic
It is proposed that the site would operate from 7.00 am until 6.00 pm Monday to Friday and from 7.00 am until 1.00 pm on Saturdays. Traffic routing would be along Riding Court Road and Ditton Road, to the A4 and M4.

Consultation and communication


Contact has been made with local Councillors in Windsor and Maidenhead and Slough as well as with Datchet Parish Council. CEMEX representatives attended the parish council meeting on November 5th. Contact has also been made with the businesses at Riding Court Farm and with Computer Associates. There are no homes close to the site. A public exhibition of the proposals took place on November 14th at the Marriott Hotel, Slough

Contact Information

To make a comment or for further information please contact us at planninggb@cemex.com.


We will be adding further details to this website in response to any issues that are raised by the community and its representatives.


Application submitted - July 2013
Following earlier consultation and a public exhibition, the application to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has now been submitted > more

Working plans
You can view plans which show how the site would be worked here

Restoration plans
You can view the phased restoration plans for this project here

How will it look?
Photos to demonstrate the appearance of the proposed plant and equipment here