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Given the scale and nature of our operation in Rugby, we recognise the need to ensure a two-way flow of information with the local community. An engagement group has been sent up to guide the process.  


Liaison: New Way Forward

Although Rugby’s Community Cement Engagement Group (CCEG) was suspended following an independent review which has concluded that it is not achieving its objectives, a new way forward has now been agreed.

The decision to suspend came at the group’s meeting in April when members decided that its work continued to be dogged by negative influences which made it impossible to achieve a constructive ongoing dialogue. Members considered an independent report of its progress which included the option that new ways should be sought to achieve successful engagement between the cement industry and the community.

The CCEG came into being in 2009 after an extensive review and wide consultation. It was designed to succeed the Rugby Community Cement Forum (RCCF) which was widely held to have become both dysfunctional and divisive. The group consists of councillors, officers from Rugby Borough Council, representatives from the Environment Agency and Warwickshire County Council as well as community representatives. Meetings were held every two months.

Nevertheless and following a meeting of the CCEG’s steering group in June, a new way forward has been agreed and this will see a refreshed approach to ensuring that successful community engagement can be achieved.

The new approach includes the company creating a forum for its immediate neighbours to discuss any issues, and a revitalised CCEG which will now have a meeting in September. The CCEG will try and encourage more community groups to join and will invite particular individuals to become part of the process if the group agrees that they are likely to make a positive contribution. An annual public meeting is also being considered as part of the ‘new look’.

CCEG Chair Diane Pask believes there remains substantial potential to create a more effective liaison mechanism. “We want a better outcome than has been possible so far and we are open to new ways of achieving it,” she says. “We have some new ideas and renewed determination to make it a meaningful vehicle for communications between CEMEX and the community.”

“We needed to take a step back and have a break from the process in order to come up with something more positive. There are a lot of people in Rugby who are environmentally aware and would make good and constructive contributions to the group if they were to participate.”

CEMEX UK Community Affairs Manager, Ian Southcott, was similarly upbeat. “While progress has been difficult in recent times, I believe there is still potential to make engagement with the full range of our stakeholders more meaningful,” he says.

What do you think?

We value ideas from within the community on how the objectives of the Community Cement Engagement Group might be resurrected to good effect. If you have thoughts, please contact us

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If you wish to complain about an apparent pollution incident involving the Rugby cement plant please use the Environment Agency’s 24-hour hotline: 0800 80 70 60 Details will be passed to a local officer to make a decision on what to do. Your details will not be passed to other bodies unless you give permission. Full copy of the complaint protocol here. To contact CEMEX direct call 01788 553121 (24 hours).

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If your organisation would like to be represented on the Community Cement Engagement Group please call the Secretary, Claire Watson on 01788 577509

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