We are planning a new concrete plant in Cringle Street, Battersea and want to give the local community the opportunity to understand the proposals and to comment.



There has been a concrete plant on our site at Kirtling Wharf in Cringle Street, Battersea for almost 50 years. We will shortly be submitting a planning application for a new concrete batching plant on part of the existing site. The remainder of the existing site is to be used by Thames Water in connection with the Thames Tideway Tunnel project.

Who are CEMEX?

We are a leading producer of ready-mixed concrete and operate a number of wharves along the River Thames for the import of marine dredged aggregates. Today’s concrete plant is sustainable in that it takes imports of aggregates via the river, and is located within one of the largest regeneration areas in Europe. It is, therefore, an important element in promoting economic growth. The plant supplies ready-mix concrete to local construction sites within approximately one-and-a- half hours ‘drive-time’, which is the ‘life’ of fresh concrete.



In June 2012, Wandsworth Council granted planning permission (ref: 2012/0764) for an additional temporary concrete batching plant on the southern part of the site. This southern end of the site would be used for the provision of the proposed plant.

The existing and recently permitted plants currently produce approximately 90,000 cubic metres of concrete a year and sales of 100,000 tonnes of processed aggregates, with approximately 43,000 heavy goods vehicle movements to and from the site.

Thames Tideway Tunnel

The Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT) is identified in the National Policy Statement for Waste Water as a nationally significant infrastructure project. It is also identified by Government as a vital piece of infrastructure in the Top 40 Priority Infrastructure Projects within the National Infrastructure Plan (2012).

Thames Water propose to use the northern third (river end) of the Cringle Street site for the construction and continued operation of the TTT. The land will be included in a site known as Kirtling Street, one of 24 sites along the Thames required for construction of the tunnel.

Thames Water’s development consent application for the tunnel, accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate on 27 March 2013, includes a provision for a new concrete plant for CEMEX on the remainder of the site they currently occupy. This will allow continued CEMEX operation at Cringle Street.

Why a separate application?

To ensure continuity of our existing business in Battersea, it is important that this new plant is operational before the end of 2014. This may not be achieved within the expected timetable for determination of Thames Water’s development consent application.

Therefore, we will shortly submit a separate full planning application to Wandsworth Council for the new concrete plant. If approved, work could commence in early 2014, with the plant ready for operation six-to-eight months later.


Contact Information

To make a comment or for further information please contact us at planninggb@cemex.com.


The plans
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How it will look
We have produced two “before and after” views to give you an impression how the plant would look in its local setting.

Planning policies
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