Proposed extension

We are proposing an extension to our sand and gravel operation at East Leake / Rempstone in Nottinghamshire. This website is has been established to provide you with information on the project and to invite your comments.

Our proposals in summary

East Leake Quarry has been extracting and selling sand and gravel since the 1990s and the company would like to continue operations for an additional ten to 12 years.

The extension of sand and gravel extraction at East Leake - Rempstone would not alter the existing operations at East Leake Quarry in terms of the site access, traffic volumes and aggregate processing – it would be very much a continuation of the activities currently undertaken.

Although the extraction area is moving in an easterly direction, the previous extraction areas are being progressively restored providing improved biodiversity and conservation areas.  The company understands the importance of working with and protecting its neighbours and safeguarding the surrounding environment and is proud that its operations have caused very few complaints or concerns in the past and would obviously like this continue during any future extraction.

East Leake Quarry is a strategic site for CEMEX serving the aggregate market in south Nottinghamshire and north Leicestershire and the proposed extension would enable the company to continue to serve this aggregate market and contribute to the local economy directly and indirectly. As East Leake Quarry is one of the few aggregate sites in this area, it is considered sustainable to extract the high quality reserves prior to final restoration and removal of the aggregate processing plant.


East Leake Quarry

The quarry is located approximately 1km south east of East Leake village and 300m west of Rempstone village. 

The site is located within the County of Nottinghamshire and District of Rushcliffe. 

The application site covers a total of approximately 93 hectares although the actual extraction area is much smaller and covers approximately 27.5 hectares.


Sand and gravel extraction originally commenced in the 1990s in land known as Lings which included the creation of a processing plant and a new access to the site. Two subsequent extensions have been permitted for sand and gravel extraction on land known as Jenks and Burtons.

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